Renewable Energy Internship

Are you interested in renewable energy? Want to learn from one of the world’s leaders in green energy careers? Do you have two years of basic German? TREE provides US citizens and permanent residents with an opportunity to complete paid professional internships in Germany focusing on renewable energy. Internships are available in a variety of professional fields, including, but not limited to business, marketing/ PR, production/manufacturing, IT, engineering, chemistry, physics, material sciences, environmental economics and policy. The program will begin in late May with a week-long introductory seminar on the topic of renewable energy in Germany and the EU at the University of Kassel in Germany.


Please view the job description at: 


Please view a program flyer at:


If you are interested apply to the program online by visiting:


The application deadline for this program is February 29, 2008.


Once a job offer is made, please schedule a meeting to meet with Debbie Gulick, contact information is below, to assist in Work Abroad information.


Best regards,


Debbie Gulick

Director of the Work Abroad Program

Division of Professional Practice

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA  30332-0740

Phone:  404-385-7344

Fax:  404-385-7541




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