Undergraduate Public Policy Mentoring Program Message

Dear BSPP students:


The School of Public Policy has a mentorship program that allows faculty to do what they do best:  help students succeed in their studies and become successful professionals.  Mentors have been assigned on the basis of shared research/policy interests as determined by the Mentor Match Survey.   Assignments can be changed by the mutual consent of the student and the mentor;  if you change, please let Prof. Barke know.   


Students have found their mentors to be useful as a resource for many things, including:


1. SPP history, expectations and folkways

2. A more official answer to those things you have heard on the grapevine

3. A source of career advice

4. A person with whom to have an intellectual or political or sometimes even an intellectual political discussion

5. A broker that connects you to other people (e.g. SPP alumni, professors you may not know, sources of internships or research experiences)

6. A source of advice and suggestions on papers and your senior thesis


You should be contacted by your mentor soon.  But don’t hesitate to contact your mentor and suggest a meeting (perhaps over coffee or lunch) to introduce yourself, discuss common interests, etc.  At least one meeting per year is required but further interaction is strongly encouraged.  



Also, remember that you have two additional resources:


Academic Advising —  Elizabeth Miller (008 DM Smith) is the academic advisor for all BSPP students.  She is your primary point of contact and source of information for most undergraduate students’ needs, including:  reviewing students’ progress through the curriculum, ensuring compliance with Institute rules and procedures, referring students to on-campus services for tutoring and counseling, degree certification, and managing problem cases.


Undergraduate Coordinator — Prof. Richard Barke (007 DM Smith) is responsible for coordinating the implementation and development of the BSPP Program.  I also chair the School’s Undergraduate Committee.  See me for questions and suggestions regarding the overall undergraduate program.



Your mentor’s email address is “firstname.lastname@pubpolicy.gatech.edu”


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