Georgia Tech’s Office of Legal Affairs Internship

Georgia Tech’s Office of Legal Affairs will sponsor an internship for

two students in the Fall 2008 semester. This is a great opportunity to

work on real legal matters under the supervision of Georgia Tech’s

attorneys.  Internship for Credit

A. Application Process


(1)     Two (2) internship positions for the Fall 2008 semester are

available in OLA.  Students who wish to apply for an OLA internship

should email their cover letter and resume to Attorney Yolonda Cameron

<> by 5:00 pm, March 28, 2008. The

cover letter should be addressed to Randy Nordin, Chief Legal Advisor,

Office of Legal Affairs. Please note:  No cover letters and resumes will

be accepted after the deadline listed above. Incomplete application

packages will not be accepted.


(2)    In your cover letter, indicate: why you are interested in the

position; any prior exposure to legal subject matter (coursework, jobs,

pre-law activities, etc.); any areas of law that are of particular

interest to you; and whether you would like to take the internship on a

pass-fail or letter-grade basis (if you wish to count the internship

toward a Pre-Law Certificate or any minor, the course must be taken for

a letter grade and you must earn at least a C).


(3)    One (1) Letter of Recommendation from a Georgia Tech Professor

who is familiar with your work must be submitted in support of your

application. The letter of recommendation should address your ability to

analyze and apply information and to communicate effectively, with an

emphasis on your reading comprehension and writing skills.  The

professor also must be willing to talk with OLA about your

qualifications for the OLA internship. The letter of recommendation

should be sent by U.S. postal service directly by your recommender to:

Georgia Institute of Technology, Office of Legal Affairs, 400 Tenth

Street, Suite 282, Atlanta, GA 30332-0495, Attn: Yolonda Cameron. The

letter of recommendation must be postmarked not later than

March 28, 2008.


(4)     A member of the OLA will contact you if they wish to invite you

for an interview. Interviews will be conducted between April 7 and

April 11, 2008, if possible, and you will be notified by OLA soon

thereafter about whether they will offer you an internship position. If

you are selected for the internship, you will register for it during

Phase II registration.


B. Internship Pre-requisites


(1)    Students who have taken the one-credit Public Policy course PUBP

4811 Special Topics: Legal Research and Writing or who have taken PUBP

3610 Pre-Law Seminar may apply for the OLA internship positions. If you

believe you have equivalent legal research and writing coursework or

experience, you may apply for the OLA internship if you include a

separate sheet entitled “Request for Waiver of Prerequisite” in which

you describe this coursework or experience.


(2)    Only students classified as juniors or above during the semester

in which they desire to intern may apply for the OLA internship positions.

For extensive details on the internship email 


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