U.S. Model Congress Priority Registration Open!

Once a year, college students are invited to participate in the U.S. Model Congress Program, held May 27-31 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  Given the intricate nature and complex structure of Congress, one of the best ways to learn more about this legislative body is to participate in this first-hand learning experience.

In the U.S. Model Congress, held in congressional committee rooms, students serve as a member of a House Committee.  They are led in committee proceedings, reviewing student-drafted legislation, by former members of Congress, American Political Science Association Congressional Fellows, and congressional staff, who provide a unique and valuable education and share stories of their time in Congress, building upon the student’s knowledge. 

In addition to a unique and high-quality education on Congress, students are given the opportunity to interact with their like-minded peers from around the country.  Through experiences like this, students are able to gain leadership skills that they can apply to numerous ventures in the future.

Applications, registration information, and a short informational video can be found online at www.modelcongress.org, and a news clip on the program can be found at http://youtube.com/watch?v=vqPQTD6M99A


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