Summer/Fall Research Opportunities

I put a request out to all PUBP faculty for undergraduate research opportunities and will post them here as I receive them.  Research is excellent way to earn academic credit, network with faculty, prepare for graduate school and great for your resume! See rest of this article for latest opportunities!!

 How “open” is innovation in the US and Japan?: evidence from the RIETI-Georgia Tech  inventor survey

John P. Walsh ( School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology

Sadao Nagaoka ( Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotusbashi University

While individual inventors are key to technological progress, it is becoming increasingly necessary for inventors and their firms to exploit information and opportunities outside the firm in order to combine one’s own capabilities with resources from the external environment. While such interdependent innovation trajectories have been considered a hallmark of the Japanese innovation system, increasingly, the US system is seen as moving toward an open innovation model. Thus, inventing is increasingly seen as a collaborative activity.  Furthermore, the conditions under which firms organize their invention process, the extent to which they collaborate with other organizations, and their uses of extramural sources are all expected to differ by country and by technology sector.  To better understand the invention process, we collected detailed information on a sample of patented inventions, focusing on the invention process, sources of ideas, and collaboration. The data come from a unique set of matched surveys of US and Japanese inventors of triadic patents (the RIETI-Georgia Tech inventor survey).  We have over 1900 responses from the US and over 3600 responses from Japan, stratified over all the NBER technology classes. We will use these data to analyze the innovation process in each country and, in particular, the incidence of cooperative R&D and its impacts on information flows, patent value and commercialization.

We are looking for undergraduate research assistants who are interested in learning more about patents, innovation, and archival data collection and analysis.

 TPAC, the Technology Policy and Assessment Center

We currently have two openings for undergraduate assistants on a new NSF project on the benefits and costs of international collaboration in science. The case studies are biofuels and spallation neutron research. We have money in the grant to pay two undergraduate students on that project.

We also have projects on emerging technologies in different national contexts (including developing countries) and on water supply and sanitation in developing countries. We could use PURA students there. 

Please contact Susan Cozzens at if you are interested.


Georgia Tech Program in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

We immediately seek up to 3 undergraduate research assistants for paid research assignments this summer with the Georgia Tech Program in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, a collaborative program of the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy and the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute. Opportunities will include working on research tasks related to the NSF Center for Nanotechnology in Society (research and innovation systems assessment) and the Georgia Manufacturing Survey. There are also opportunities to continue through as a paid undergraduate research assistant into the new academic year.

In addition, we are keen to assist and host PURA applicants. We have hosted PURA applicants and worked with on successful research projects (and then seen them obtain great jobs and graduate school placements). 
Interested students or PURA applicants should contact Dr. Jan Youtie at (404-894-6111).


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