Public Policy Student in The New York Times

The Endless School Year
By Laura Pappano
New York Times Education Supplement
July 27, 2008

As students pack more into their degrees (double majors, job-getting minors, internships and study abroad), summer helps maximize grade point averages and sanity. Do physics in summer, and the year is more manageable.

“I basically see it as, I am going to be working toward graduate school or getting a good job and I have limited time, so summer is another useful time in the year,” says Nick Wellcamp, a fourth-year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology who is double majoring in industrial systems engineering and public policy and has been continuously enrolled since August 2005.

Mr. Wellcamp says he misses his family back in Louisville, Ky., “a great deal” but wanted to take a course in technical communications to “get some of my core requirements out of the way.” While campus is more sparsely populated, “my friends are still around,” says Mr. Wellcamp, who is among 33 students living in the Delta Chi fraternity house this summer.

“There are plenty of things to do as long as you are proactive,” he adds, then ticks off his recent outings: meals out, two Atlanta Braves games and a rafting trip down the Chattahoochee River.



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