New Course Addition : PUBP 3502 / PUBP 6502

The School of Public Policy will be offering “IT/Comm/Telecom Policy” this fall. The class will be taught by Professor Jeff Jones on Mondays and Wednesday, from 4:30pm -6:00pm. There is a undergraduate PUBP 3502 (89851) and a graduate section PUBP 6502 (89853)for this course. Below is a description of the course:

This seminar will examine the history of information technology and communications policy in the US, and give students a firm understanding of the current policy issues.  Universal service, common carrier provisions, ownership restrictions, privacy and First Amendment issues, and other key concepts will be reviewed.  The role of the FCC and other regulatory bodies, as well as interest groups and stakeholders will be discussed.  Due to the rapid changes in technology, a keen interest will be paid to recent trends toward deregulation and media convergence.  Finally, the course will put US telecommunication policy into context through a comparative analysis of domestic policy and telecomm policy abroad.
Graduate students and undergraduates who have taken Klein’s Internet and Public Policy seminar, or Klimenko’s Economics of Telecommunications Policy are especially encouraged to register for this seminar, as it is designed to complement these courses and further enhance student understanding of information technology and communications policy.

For a more information please contact Professor Jeff Jones at


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