BSPP Alum Returns to Tech – as a Professor

Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy graduated its first BS students in 2000.  One of them has returned to Tech – as a professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

As an undergraduate policy major, Kobi Abayomi worked as a research assistant to Dr. Richard Barke and Dr. Ann Bostrom on a large NSF-sponsored survey of environmental values in post-Soviet Bulgaria.  He received a M.A. in statistics in 2002, a M.Phil in statistics in 2007, and a Ph.D. in probability and statistics in 2007, all from Columbia University.

Prior to returning to Tech as a professor, Dr. Abayomi was a visiting professor at Duke University and Postdoctoral Fellow at Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI). He also has been a research associate at the Center for Integrating Statistical and Environmental Science (CISES) at the University of Chicago and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Dr. Abayomi’s research interests are in multivariate and extreme value dependence, environmental economics, and environmental statistics. His research interest in environmental projects began when he was an undergraduate at Georgia Tech and continues today. He defines the term environmental in the broadest sense, in that, he is concerned with both physical and social ecology. He partitions his work between applied and theoretical – “realizing that applied research is partially theoretical, partially demonstrative, and partially prescriptive.”

In discussing his teaching objectives,Abayomi quoted Maria Montessori saying that his “goal as a professor is to encourage the ‘revolution of the individual,’ and to develop in his students an efficient self-determination, a motivation, and an active presence.

Dr. Abayomi is the proud uncle of Ariana Abayomi, and Mason and Marley Rogers, and brother of Anika, Abena, Assata, Kwame and Anaje – all fellow Atlantans. He is engaged to Vivianne Guevara, a social worker at the Bronx Defenders.


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  1. Dr. Kobi Abayomi

    Aww man – I could have given you a more recent picture and better research summary. Just email me!

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