Lecture: “The Role of Engineers in Poverty Reduction”

Georgia Tech’s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering announces a lecture by Dr. Bernard Amadei at 11:00am on Tuesday, September 9, 2008, in the Ferst Center for the Arts.

Dr. Amadei is Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His interests cover the topics of sustainability and international development. He is the founding president of Engineers Without Borders, and directs a program at CU to educate globally responsible engineers and professionals who can offer sustainable and appropriate solutions to the endemic problems faced by developing communities worldwide.

This lecture will present the challenges and opportunities associated with practicing engineering in the developing world and the education of engineers through organizations such as Engineers Without Borders. The lecture will also discuss the importance of integrating engineering with nonengineering disciplines when addressing the needs of developing communities.



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3 responses to “Lecture: “The Role of Engineers in Poverty Reduction”

  1. jide akande

    i think the role of engineering in poverty alleviation should also be include.

  2. jeffery

    what is the role of an engineer in poverty alleviation in african countries?

  3. sathwik

    i want role of engineer in poverty alleviation is not there

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