Great Line for your Resume…

American Solutions for Winning the Future is seeking a fall intern for our national headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. We would like to recruit a student for this position as soon as possible.

We are looking for someone who is:

  • At least a second-year undergraduate (graduate students are welcome to apply)
  • Experienced with MS Office, including Outlook
  • Comfortable with technology, especially database applications
  • Fairly knowledgeable about American government, including state and local
  • An excellent writer
  • Professional and upbeat under pressure
  • Flexible with work assignments
  • Skilled at internet research
  • Excited about the policymaking process
  • Comfortable working for a political organization that is center-right oriented
  • Available at least 15 hours per week; at least 3 days a week (specific days are flexible)

The intern’s immediate assignment will be to help me and American Solutions president Dave Ryan prepare for our Solutions Day event on September 27.  This will involve a great deal of research and data gathering to help us with our grassroots outreach campaign.  The intern will also be asked to help staff events and will be able to attend American Solutions events, as well.  After Solutions Day, we will identify additional projects to which the intern will contribute.

This is a great opportunity to work for an organization whose work is leading to substantive dialogue and real reform on national policy issues.  Energy has been a major focus for us; we expect education to also become a major focus this fall.

We regret that we are unable to offer pay for this internship, but the intern will have his or her own computer and workspace to use, and we will help fulfill requirements for course credit.

Please send a resume and three references (no letters required, but please include a phone number for each) to  Applicants should feel free to call or email me with questions. They can also visit for more information about our organization.

Rebecca Arce Posey, PUBP BS and MS Alum
Assistant to the President


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2 responses to “Great Line for your Resume…

  1. liam

    American Solutions for Winning the Future’s main campaign, Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less, pushes open oil drilling in Alaska’s Wildlife Reserve and off the Atlantic, Pacific and Florida Gulf coasts, and the extraction shale oil from the Rocky Mountains.

    First off, the DOE reports that drilling in ANWR will not make a discernible difference on oil prices:

    Second, drilling for domestic oil will not benefit the United States in the long run (let alone the short run, max oil production in ANWR would not occur until 2030). The longer we put off developing a renewable supply of domestic energy the worse off in the global marketplace we will be. This all makes me wonder what interests Newt serves.

    Thirdly, Newt Gingrich, the founder of American Solutions for Winning the Future, is a corruptible politician who has been subject to 84 ethics charges, paid $300,000 in fines for subsequently lying to an ethics commission, and is responsible for gerrymandering the 6th district in North Cobb and Fulton.

    SPP- working for American Solutions for Winning the Future is not a great line on one of my fellow students resumes. It is a rabbit hole into an unethical political club.

  2. Steve

    Although you didn’t mention the environment, I thought I would point out that drilling for oil is actually more environmentally sound and friendly than leaving it in the ground, liam. More oil leaks out naturally every day from the incredible pressure from being under bedrock than the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

    Even if drilling won’t make a discernable difference in price, there is and always will be a demand for oil (until it runs out completely), so more supply for the eternal demand is never a bad idea.

    The rest of your comments are obviously a mixture of your biased opinions and convieniently twistable stats that support your spin and opinions.

    I bet in your lifetime you have done a rediculous amount of unethical and abhorrent things, but so has everyone else. It’s part of being human. You just haven’t been charged or investigated for any of your mistakes.

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