Attention Seniors-Graduating Spring 2009

Process for completing petition to graduate!! 

Hello!  I am sure many of you are anxious to get this process started.  So here is all the information you need.

You must meet with me only between Monday, October 6th -Friday, October 17th. to complete your degree petition if you are graduating in Spring 2009.

Please follow these instructions exactly to complete this process accurately and efficiently.

1. Sign up for a 30 minute appointment time at and choose “degree petition” for the reason you want to set up an appointment.  Appointments only show for a 2 week period so it will be a week or two before you can do this.

2. Before your scheduled degree petition meeting, stop by the PUBP bulletin board (ground floor DM Smith) to pick up the degree petition packet. Read the directions and fill out all the forms BEFORE the degree petition meeting. The forms will require you to look up your transcript on OSCAR.  The packet will take you about 30 minutes to complete.  Packets are available now.

3. Meet with me for your scheduled degree petition meeting to complete the degree petition process. Bring your completed degree petition packet with you.

Remember; do not wait until the last minute to set up your meeting.  October is crazy busy.



If you have completed a minor with another department on campus, you must meet with that department so they can complete your minor form BEFORE meeting with me.  Most minor forms can be downloaded from the registrars’ website under students, minors:

You must bring this form for me to sign and then you submit your minor form WITH your degree petition to the registrar. (special note, they are now letting schools choose the new 15 hours for minor and will let it be retroactive, so be sure to ask.)


If you have completed a certificate with another department on campus, you must meet with that department so they can complete your certificate form BEFORE meeting with me.  Certificate forms are available from the specific department in which you completed the certificate.  Certificate forms DO NOT go to the registrar, but need to be signed by the department granting the certificate and myself. They are then submitted to the department granting the certificate. Certificates are mailed to you after graduation.


If you have completed a second major with another department on campus, you must meet with that department to complete a second degree petition.  Check with that department to find out its degree petition deadlines.  That deadline might be earlier than the PUBP deadline.

I look forward to meeting with you.



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