Meet your Mentor/Mentee Tea and Cookies!!!!!!!!!

BSPP Students:

To make it easy for you to meet your newly-assigned mentors for the first (or other) time, we are inviting you to join the faculty for tea and cookies in the DM Smith Community Room (ground floor) next week from 2:30-3:30.  These faculty have indicated that they will attend on these days. If no time is specified, they expect to be there from 2:30-3:30.  If  mentors are not listed, they haven’t indicated that they can be there.  (Some are travelling.)- Richard

Please make every possible effort to meet with them next week.  Everyone’s participation is critical to continuing to offer this unique undergraduate program.  – Elizabeth

This is informal — simply a convenient way for mentors and mentees to connect.

When you arrive, if you don’t know what your mentor looks like, ask Dr. Barke or Elizabeth Miller.  (You can find out what we look like at

Faculty and Times:

Barke                        T before 3, W before 3, Th

Berry                        T before 3, Th before 3

Brown                        T

Castillo                    currently on leave in DC; he’ll contact you

Fox                        unable to meet

Hicks                        W

Hoffman                 Th after 3

Kingsley                M, T, Th

Kirkman                T after 3, W after 3, Th

Klein                        M, T, W

Leggon                    Th

Levine                        M, W

Melkers                Th (possibly)

Noonan                M after 3, maybe W

Norton                    T, Th

Rogers                 M, T after 3, W

Walsh                        M, W


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