Internship with Georgia Governor

The Governor’s Intern Program is looking for bright, hardworking, and enthusiastic people to intern at the State Capitol during Spring 2009.  Our interns range in age from college juniors to recent college graduates to graduate or law school students.  Governor’s Interns work in a fast-paced environment and gain a wide-range of experience in politics and government.  The spring is definitely the best time of the year to do an internship at the state capitol.  The legislature will be in session then, so it presents many more opportunities for students to learn more about state government and become involved in the legislative process.
For more information:

Each intern is assigned to a supervisor in a state agency or Governor’s Office department.  Here, the interns will gain specific experience based on his/her internship assignment; in addition, many interns are given the opportunity to cross-intern in different shops to gain a wide variety of experiences.

All majors are encouraged to apply and interns will receive a stipend based upon their education level.  The deadline for Spring 2009 applications is October 26.  More information can be found at

They are also currently accepting applications for fellows in the Governor’s Internship Program. Fellows are required to be recent college graduates and have the ability to work forty hours a week.  A fellowship in the Governor’s Office lasts for 6 months. The next period is December 18 – June 18, 2009.  Fellows receive a stipend of $9.50/ hour.  If interested, fax your resume, a cover letter, a reference list and a writing sample to 404-656-7119.

If you have any questions contact:

Mary Kathryn Yearta
Deputy Scheduler
Office of Governor Sonny Perdue


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