Summer law program at Harvard or NYU

Trials is a residential scholarship program that helps talented and motivated undergraduates of modest means earn acceptance at the nation’s leading law schools. The aim is to promote diversity in the field of law by reinforcing the skills and focusing the goals of college students whose backgrounds are underrepresented in the legal profession.Trials is a unique collaboration of New York University School of Law, Harvard Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation, a public service organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for higher education.

For five weeks in July and early August, Trials students reside at Harvard or NYU to receive intensive LSAT instruction and a series of lectures by prominent lawyers and scholars to introduce them to the legal profession.  Students have no expenses associated with the program and will receive a $3000 stipend to supplement their summer income.

Applications for the inaugural 2009 sessions are due March 1st.  Students can apply online by visiting

We welcome applications from aspiring students of any background whose personal circumstances, self-identifications, and unique perspectives might place them outside the mainstream of typical law school applicants.  Students with strong academic credentials, well-articulated ambitions, and documented financial need will compete for twenty spots in the 2009 class.


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