Cash Prizes for Socially & Environmentally Responsible Value Enhancement

This year a new contest track has been added to the Georgia Tech Business Plan Competition. The I2S is intended for current Georgia Tech students and staff who have a very early stage idea or venture concept that ultimately is focused on the triple bottom line of return on investment economically, environmentally, and socially. In the I2S Competition, teams simply develop an idea concept, initial business model, and feasibility analysis rather than a full business plan (which is expected in the other Business Plan Competition events).

Students and Georgia Tech staff are encouraged to form interdisciplinary teams to create new ideas for products, services, or technology applications that would provide innovative solutions to sustainability issues with economic value and minimal, negative environmental or social impact. The idea must be based on either an innovative approach/technology to solving a social problem (see prior BPC winner Sustainable Refrigeration); or uses technology to sustain the environment (see prior BPC winner Jat Biodiesel). To participate, teams must develop a brief executive summary of the idea and feasibility, and prepare a poster and present the idea to a panel of social entrepreneurs.



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