Call for Student Papers

Solutions for the South

The Roosevelt Institution is proud to announce a new publication, Solutions for the South.  The American South, defined here as the region outlined by (and including) Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas-Tennessee-Kentucky-Virginia, presents unique and challenging issues to policymakers.  The goal of this journal is to encourage student policy minds across the country to apply themselves to problems especially prevalent in this region.

Themes potentially addressed will range widely—from race relations to public health, from primary education to violent crime.  Topic suggestions include environmental policy in hurricane-prone areas, immigration reform for border states, and the impact of globalization on jobs.  Policies can be designed for implementation on a local or national scale, as long as authors demonstrate that the problems they address are prevalent in the South.

Articles are selected for originality, relevance, and readability. The strongest submissions offer clearly written, pragmatic solutions based on experience and evidence, not ideology and doctrine.

Full-Length Articles (2,000-5,000 words)
Full-length articles should be proposal or analysis pieces.  While the primary mission of Solutions for the South is to present new policy proposals, the journal also publishes research that analyzes existing policies and historical political trends.  Each full-length article must include a bulleted summary of 250-400 words.

Policy Memos (600-700 words)
Memos should present new policy proposals and include the following information in like format:
•    A brief title clearly identifying the idea.
•    A one-sentence summary of your proposal. (20-30 words)
•    A key points section listing the problems your policy addresses, what changes it effects, and its projected impact.  Place special emphasis on how your policy is unique. (75-100 words, bullet form)
•    A background section that presents the policy in a narrative form. (200-250 words)
•    Finally, an analysis section examining the historical precedent for the policy, costs/benefits of the proposal, potential challenges with enactment, and details concerning implementation. Also include information on any negative ramifications that may result from your policy. (300-350 words)

Priority Deadline:  February 16, 2009*
Final Deadline:  April 1, 2009
Journal Launch:  Roosevelt Policy Expo, Summer 2009
*Authors who submit by the priority deadline will receive feedback from the editorial board in early March and will have the opportunity to make changes to their policies and re-submit before the final deadline.  The board will also strive to offer them targeted assistance at a spring conference at UNC before the final deadline.

For more information, go to If you have any questions or are ready to submit your work, please contact the editorial board at  We look forward to hearing from you!


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