Summer and Fall Registration

summerattech-banner09-smallHello All,
Its almost time of year again to start getting ready for registration.  So I have put together just about everything you need to get you through the process started.  Summer and Fall schedules are officially available March 18th.  To learn now about the offerings this summer visit the site I created summer@tech2009. If you are around this summer you can get involved in our summer orientations, all facilities on campus will be open, and there is lots of fun stuff going on in Atlanta you can enjoy.

READ AND REFER BACK TO THIS POST.  So when you are ready to think about registration all your answers are right here :-).  And if you ask me questions with answers that are contained in this post I will keep referring you back to this post 🙂
Please remember that Academic Advisement is required and so holds do apply before you can register for Spring.  
Important Dates:
  • Summer/Fall schedule of classes available: March 18  Preview is  available for summer now on the cool  summer@tech site I made 
  • Phase I Registration for Spring:  March 25-April 5
  • Phase II Registration for Spring:  April 8-January 21

Your time ticket tells you exactly when you are allowed to register.  Please pay attention to the ending date and time on your time ticket!  Time tickets should be available March 22.

Registration Tools:

Overloads and Permits for many Tech courses:

Courses and OSCAR login: 

Internship Database:    It is not late at all to obtain summer internship!  Lot of opportunities on our database and on my bulletin board

New curriculum numbers go into effect:
Since 98% of you have already met with me to review the upcoming new vs current PUBP curriculum you should be all set with understanding which course numbers you need.  If not, refer to older posts with layout of the new curriculum numbers and detailed information Richard posted.

Advising Appointments:

Advising is mandatory for all freshman, students on contracts or probation, and any student that has not met with me to determine which curriculum they will follow.  You can schedule an advising appointment using the on-line scheduler, .   PLEASE BRING YOUR CHECKLIST UPDATED TO THE MEETING or it may cause us to reschedule. Extra copies are always online at    Please keep your appointment or cancel with 24 hour notice so that other students have opportunity to make an appointment.

Permits and Overloads

Permits and overloads are requested on the SPP website.  To see how to request permits and overloads in other departments, please see the following website: Remember that if you need a course that is full before your registration time opens, don’t wait to request an overload!  The sooner the better.  Permits mean special permission and usually lists who to get them from, if not, always contact the instructor listed for assistance or the advisor associated with the course’s department.

I will continue to send you more information when I can.



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