2009 Ivan Allen College Awards

For the third year, the Ivan Allen College is recognizing students who have exemplified excellence in leadership, service, extracurricular pursuits, and research. The Ivan Allen College Student Advisory Board is sponsoring several awards which will be presented at the 2009 institute-wide “Student Honors Day,” on Thursday, April 23, 2009.

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administration are invited to nominate students who are outstanding examples of any of the award areas. Details on the nomination process are found below. All nominations should be sent in by March 6th to Mithuna@gatech.edu.

Student Leadership Award for leaders of student organizations. This award will be presented to the student who most succeeded in achieving the goals set out by his or her organization. The student receiving this award will exemplify positive leadership qualities such as organizational skills, the ability to inspire, and the capacity to work well with others.

College Spirit Award for students involved in campus activities and organizations. This award will be presented to the student who has taken the greatest initiative to make Ivan Allen College and the Georgia Tech community at large a better place for the student body by improving the academic or social environment.

Success Beyond Campus Award for the student who has found success beyond Georgia Tech. This award will be presented to the student who has achieved major accomplishments in the community, including, but not limited to, achievements in writing, entertainment, business, politics, or another area.

Community Service Award for the student who has excelled in community service involvement. This award will be presented to the student who has most exemplified the ideals of Ivan Allen in taking initiative and showing leadership in her or his community service activity of choice.

Nominations should include no more than a 500-word message of support about the nominee and why she or he deserves the award. Student nominations of other students and student self-nominations are allowed but must be accompanied by an additional letter of recommendation from a member of the faculty, staff, administration, or a community member (in the cases of community service and extraordinary accomplishments). Nominations made by faculty, staff, or administration need not be accompanied by an additional letter of recommendation.

All nominations should be e-mailed to Mithuna Bhatt (Mithuna@gatech.edu)  by March 6th 2009. Please include your name as well as the name and contact information of the nominee. Also remember to indicate the award for which you are nominating the student.

Winners will be selected by the college awards committee and will be notified by e-mail in early April.



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