IAC Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

The Ivan Allen College Student Advisory Board is sponsoring a research award to recognize a student  who has proven outstanding research capabilities. Each school in the Ivan Allen College is invited to nominate one student to receive an award entitled: Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, Ivan Allen College.


The school should e-mail its nominee to Elizabeth Miller emiller@gatech.edu, by March 2nd, 2009. The email should include the nominee’s name, GPA, title of the project, a short recommendation letter from the school including a description of why the student is nominated, the faculty mentor’s name, and one sample product of the student’s work (article, conference paper, thesis, final report, etc). The winner will be honored at the Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium and Awards on April 3 with a prize of $250.

Required Criteria

o   Junior or Senior

o   Student in Good Academic Standing


Desired Criteria

Involved in research for 2 or more semesters

Evidence of quality from the research community outside Georgia Tech either through presentation at a professional conference, publication or acceptance of a journal article, contribution to a book, or an external award, etc.

Submission of paper, thesis, or other substantial final report to be evaluated by school faculty for quality

Evidence of mentoring of other undergraduate students within the research setting, as appropriate


Check List 

Please submit the following to Elizabeth Miller no later than March 2nd, 2009

Student Nominee’s Name

Faculty Mentor’s Name

Title of Project

1-2 Paragraphs Outlining Why She or He Was Chosen for the Award

Sample of Student’s Work


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