Seminar on Open-Source Software Policy

ICT Research Roundtable Speaker Series Presents

Prof. Douglas S. Noonan, School of Public Policy
Paul M.A. Baker, Ph.D., Center for Advanced Communications Policy, School of Public Policy

“Country-Level Variation in Open Source Software Policy and Environment”

February 19, 2009, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Piedmont Room, Student Center Commons, 1st Floor
Pizza Provided!

Many stakeholders express an interest in ensuring the availability of the widest possible array of technologies rather than having to rely upon the technological lock-in of any particular technology or proprietary applications. In particular, the open source software (OSS) model represents an efficacious alternative to traditional proprietary software usage. Yet relatively little is known about the prevalence of OSS (use, adoption, and development). This paper presents a global Open Source Potential Index (OSPI) measured at the country-level. One rationale for an OSPI is to create a heuristic and common set “tools” to help gauge how well the country’s (political, economic, social, technological) environment is suited to taking advantage of OSS approaches. This metric readily lends itself to evaluating the political, social, and economic aspects of adoption of the OSS approach.

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The ICT Research Roundtable is a focal point at Georgia Tech for policy research on information and communication policy and the technology that facilitates them. The 2008-2009 speaker series features faculty and researchers from across campus presenting their academic work.  The ICT Research Roundtable is a project of the Center for Advanced Communications Policy and the Internet and Public Policy Project.


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