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Grade Substitutions
For entering freshmen (and continuing sophomores), just another reminder about the opportunity to make a grade substitution on any D or F earned in the first two semesters of your attendance at GT (first three semesters, if you came in the Freshmen Summer program).  You have the chance to get two of your D’s or F’s expunged if you fill out the forms, get them signed by me and the Dean of Students, and retake the class by your 4th semester (or 5th for Freshman Summer students) for a better grade.  (These D’s or F’s will still appear on your transcript, but they won’t be counted in your GPA.)  There is no reason for you not to take advantage of this!!!  Please note, the due date for applying for grade substitution is Friday, February 27th.  You can find out more about grade substitution and download the form here:

Tutoring Available to You:

OMED offers academic assistance and support for all Tech students, but with a special emphasis on African American, Hispanic, Latino, and Native American students.
Freshman Experience is a self-selected program chosen by nearly 90 percent of freshmen that offers tutoring and other types of support.
Undergraduate is a library resource Web site.
Student Government Association maintains a list of tutors: 404.894.2814



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