Internships in Innovation and Economic Development

For graduate students only:  Georgia Innovation Internship Summer applications are being accepted until March 15, 2009.  This program will hire as many as five students (who have completed the first year of a two-year master’s program or are enrolled in a doctoral program at a Georgia public university) for paid internships.  Georgia Tech’s program in Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy is a joint program of the Enterprise Innovation Institute and the School of Public Policy.This internship is a good opportunity for graduate students to have mentored experiences in innovation economic development research. Students applying for this internship do not have to major in economic development to apply, but the projects must focus on innovative approaches to economic development.  Applicants will need to submit a one-page project proposal including a concise research question, hypothesis, anticipated data sources and methods of collection, and how the project could benefit Georgia.

Previous projects have included:

• Lighting Energy Efficiency Potential in Georgia: A Technology and Policy Assessment
• Telework and Telecommuting Programs within the Private Sector in Atlanta and Other Major US Cities
• Offshore Outsourcing and the Atlanta Economy
• Microalgae and Biodiesel Production: Opportunities for Georgia
• Creative Work in Savannah Georgia: Assessing the Technical and Artistic Climate in a Coastal City
• Hispanic Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of Two Georgia Cities
• Biomass as Feedstock for Biofuel and Bioproduct Industry: A Feasibility Study of Lignocellulose Ethanol Production in Georgia
• Leveraging Digital Music for Economic and Workforce Development in Georgia.

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