Networking Night 2009

Mark your calendars for Networking Night 2009 on March 24th! (The Tuesday right after Spring Break!)

This is the only event of its kind geared toward Ivan Allen College students produced solely by Ivan Allen College students, so take advantage of this opportunity! The goal of the event is to connect you with professionals in a variety of careers so that you can gain insight as to how they broke into their field, what kind of challenges they face in their position, and what the most exciting parts of their jobs are.  They are revealing their own strategies in finding a job after college and offering
advice as to what you should be doing now to improve your own marketability. 
Think of this as a tell-all book on what these successful individuals did except you get it for FREE!  

The event will utilize a round table format that allows you to rotate between different tables, allowing you to meet everyone you want to.  The discussions themselves are question driven and informal so make sure you come prepared with insightful questions and knowledge of the participants! 

•           All IAC undergraduate and graduate students are invited
•           It is absolutely free
•           Date: March 24, 2009
•           Time: 5:30PM-7:30PM
•           Where: Student Center Ballroom – Gold, 3rd floor 
•           Although we encourage an informal atmosphere to foster good conversation, we do remind you that these are professionals, and as such you should dress business casual. (especially if you are trying to network an internship or even job)

We currently expect to have representatives from Bain, TAG, Emory Law School,
the Social Security Administration, Japan External Trade Organization, the
Carter Center, the Federal Reserve Bank, FDIC, CARE Intl, IBM, YMCA, AllState,
Synchronicity, Coca-Cola, and more. See website for mini-bios of some of our speakers!

For more information regarding the event (such as networking tips), visit our cool website:

Join our event on facebook and invite your friends, they’ll thank you!

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