Kristie Champlin-2009 Ivan Allen Jr Legacy Award

dscn1330Congratulations to our own Kristie Champlin for being selected  as this years Ivan Allen Jr Legacy Award Winner!  Kristie received a $1000 and a nice glass award.  

The Ivan Allen Jr. Legacy Award for Students is presented to an undergraduate or graduate student whose intelligence, energy, and personality have already benefited others at Georgia Tech and in the community.

Read what the Associate Dean had to say about Kristie’s achievements during the Annual Founders Day Luncheon on March 12th. Speech given by Associate Dean John Tone:

“Let me say something first about Kristie’s academic achievements. 

Kristie has a 4.0 grade point average at Georgia Tech. 

Anyone at all familiar with this place knows that 4.0 speaks for itself. 

Kristie is a skilled researcher who has worked extensively on many projects, most notably the largely ignored constitutional concept of “posterity” for which she won a President’s Undergraduate Research Award.

Kristie has also completed research as an intern with the Georgia Office of Economic Development, and she drafted articles for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a President’s Scholar Intern. 

With Kristie, though, academics are only the beginning of the story.

Kristie is a leader. 

She is a Student Government Representative and member of the Undergraduate Executive Cabinet, an active member of her sorority, and a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars, among her many other roles.

Kristie is an activist. 

She has worked for “Take Back the Night,” Habitat for Humanity, Hurricane Katrina Relief, a home for battered women, cystic fibrosis fundraising, breast cancer awareness, and other causes and organizations. 

In 2008 she enrolled in the college’s “Engaging English Avenue” class, where students learn and work with residents of this nearby Atlanta neighborhood.

The class wasn’t enough for Kristie, though. 

Once it ended, she continued working with young people in the neighborhood, and helped to found the English Avenue Enrichment Program which carries on this important work. 

Very recently, Kristie helped to create a service-learning course that will send 20 Georgia Tech students to Peru this summer, where they will work within a poor community on sustainable projects for improving the quality of life.

I can only scratch the surface of Kristie’s exhausting list of accomplishments and activities.

Unfortunately, Kristie is not here today.   In fact, she is in Vietnam as a delegate to the Innovate conference being held there.  Sadly, this means Kristie cannot accept her award in person. 

When she realized that her long-planned trip to Vietnam would conflict with this award ceremony, Kristie asked me whether it would reflect badly on her that she could not be here today. 


What it does is confirm our choice. 

Kristie Champlin embodies the Ivan Allen Legacy of achievement, leadership, and service, whether she is with us here or in Asia. 

And we are proud to give her the 2009 Student Legacy Award in absentia.”


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