Diversity Forum: Town Hall on GT Budget Cuts

Diversity Forum, a student and faculty run organization on campus affiliated with the Diversity Programs, is  holding a Town Hall this Thursday, April 9th, at 7pm in the Presidents Suite B (1st Floor Student Success Center). The topic of the town hall is “From Financial Fiasco to Class Cuts: University System of Georgia Pressured to Sacrifice Diversity”.Speakers include Professor Rebecca Burnett (School of Literature, Communication, and Culture (LCC)) and Shelley Nickel (Vice Chancellor for the University System of Georgia (USG)).

They will be analyzing and discussing the effect of budget cuts on the education in the University System of Georgia. The recent economic recession has forced the Georgia Legislation to propose up to 8% cuts on education. Legislators have proposed canceling many classes and educational programs across the University System of Georgia, merging colleges such as “Armstrong State” and “Savannah State”, and have gone as far as suggesting merging Georgia Tech and Georgia State if needed.

Students are urged to attend and participate in the discussion.


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