Important Information for Fall 2009 Registration

Policy majors,

If you’re contemplating registering for PUBP 2010, “Political Processes,” this fall, please keep this in mind:  as indicated in Appendix B of the document we sent in January (“BSPP Changes”) with the new curriculum format, this new core course has POL 1101 or equivalent (AP credit or INTA 1200, usually) as a prerequisite.

This Fall ONLY we will allow POL 1101 or equivalent to be a co-requisite.  In other words, if you’re signing up for PUBP 2010 for this fall and haven’t had POL 1101, you must take US Government either this summer or this fall.In the future, after this transition period to the new curriculum, we will enforce the POL 1101 prerequisite.  This means that if you’re in the new curriculum plan and if you haven’t already had the US Government course (or equivalent) you MUST take it this summer or fall (as a corequisite) to stay on schedule.  If you postpone taking POL 1101 you may find it difficult to move through the new curriculum as you would wish.

As you choose your courses under the new curriculum, please remember that the new curriculum includes a number of prerequisites, with the PUBP 2xxx core courses required for several of the PUBP 3xxx core courses, and all the PUBP 3xxx core courses required as prerequisites for the new PUBP 4xxx Task Force.  This makes the selections of your core course selections much more important than they were in the past.

Just as with any policy, the implementation of a new curriculum is likely to introduce some unanticipated questions and complications.  We urge you to bring these to the attention of either Elizabeth Miller or Prof. Barke.


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