(More) Recent Public Policy Faculty Activity

Continuing our posting of recent publications, grants, etc. of faculty in the School of Public Policy:

Items from Profs. Brown, Clark, and Hoffman:


  • Brown, Marilyn A., Frank Southworth, and Andrea Sarzynski. 2009. “The Geography of Metropolitan Carbon Footprints,” Policy and Society 27: 285-304.
  • Sovacool, Benjamin K. and Marilyn A. Brown. 2009. “Scaling the Policy Response to Climate Change,” Policy and Society 27: 317-328.
  • Brown, Marilyn A. and Sharon (Jess) Chandler, 2008.  “Governing Confusion: How Statutes, Fiscal Policy, and Regulations Impede Clean Energy Technologies,” Stanford Law and Policy Review, (19) 3: 472-509.
  • Brown, Marilyn A. and Frank Southworth, 2008. “Mitigating Climate Change through Green Buildings and Smart Growth,” Environment and Planning A (40): 653-675.
  • Brown, Marilyn A. and Benjamin K. Sovacool, 2008. “Promoting a Level Playing Field for Energy Options: Electricity Alternatives and the Case of the Indian Point Energy Center,” Energy Efficiency, 1: 35-48.



  • Hoffmann, M. H. G. (2008). Analyzing Framing Processes by Means of Logical Argument Mapping. Intl. Association for Conflict Management, IACM 20TH Annual Conference Paper, Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1298520.
  • Hoffmann, M. H. G. (2008). An exemplary large-scale debate on global climate engineering. Online publication. Retrieved Jan 3, 2009, from http://tinyurl.com/65c2os
  • Hoffmann, M. H. G. (2008). Reflective Argumentation. Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy Working Paper Series, 44, online: http://www.spp.gatech.edu/faculty/workingpapers/wp44.pdf.
  • Hoffmann, M. H. G. (2008). Requirements for reflective argument visualization tools: a case for using validity as a normative standard. In P. Besnard, S. Doutre & A. Hunter (Eds.), Computational Models of Argument. Proceedings of COMMA 2008 (pp. 196-203). Amsterdam: IOS.

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