Want to be a Team Leader for GT1000 this fall?

We’ll be offering a section of GT1000 primarily for incoming public policy students this fall.  The day and time haven’t been firmly set yet, but Dr. Barke asks you to be thinking about whether you might be a good Team Leader to help with our section.


What does a Team Leader “do”?
Each Team Leader serves in a section of the Freshman Seminar along with 3 or 4 other TLs and the class instructor. They assist with leading activities, developing the class lesson plan, advising and mentoring the students on their team, and being available to share information. TLs explain how Georgia Tech works, how to approach professors, and study on the college level.  For Prof. Barke, TLs are expected to remind him occasionally that GT1000 isn’t a normal course — we will minimize the lectures, readings, assignments, etc.!

TLs volunteer between one and two hours per week including class attendance, meeting with the instructor, and being available to the students on their team.  TLs are expected to attend training in late August, and pass information about college events and points of interest to their teams in a positive manner.

What does a Team Leader receive?
Team Leaders impact the culture of Georgia Tech by shaping the new students’ transition experiences. In return, TLs develop leadership, public speaking, and group facilitation skills. They are exposed to networking opportunities with faculty and staff, along with their fellow TLs. TLs are not paid, nor do they take the class for credit.  They also earn the unending gratitude of Prof. Barke.

What are the required qualifications?
All Team Leaders must have attended Georgia Tech for at least two semesters, must have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 of better, and be in good academic and judicial standing as of the beginning of the semester in which they will serve in a Freshman Seminar class. TLs must be willing to share their experiences, knowledge, and capabilities in a positive manner with the students in the class and on their teams. TLs should demonstrate good oral and written communication skills. TLs are not required to have taken GT1000.

Who is our ideal Team Leader?
Team Leaders are good role models and involved students, both inside and outside the classroom. They are comfortable leading group discussions and activities and working closely with a Freshman Seminar instructor. They are positive and encouraging, professional, confident, and able to express themselves in class and with individuals. TLs should be outgoing and friendly.

Let Dr. Barke know if you have any questions!

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