Still More Recent Faculty Activity

Dr. Valerie Thomas is an expert on energy policy, with a joint appointment in Public Policy and Industrial and Systems Engineering.  Some of her recent work:

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“Relation of Biofuel to Bioelectricity and Agriculture: Food Security, Fuel Security, and Reducing Greenhouse Emissions,” V. M. Thomas, D. Choi, D. Luo, A. Okwo, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, accepted for publication, April 2009.

“Appliance Energy Use in America’s Second Home – The Automobile. V. Thomas, A. Meier, T. P. Wenzel, Siva G. Gunda. ACEEE 2008 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, August 2008.

“A Universal Code for Environmental Management of Products.” V. M. Thomas. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 53: 400-408, 2009.

“Relation of Chlorine, Copper, and Sulfur to Dioxin Emission Factors,” V. M. Thomas and C. M. McCreight. Journal of Hazardous Materials 151, 164-170, 2008.


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