Executive/Legal/Clerical Assistant

SKGLaw Office
Atlanta, GA

A Midtown attorney with a business law practice is looking for a student to work part time managing client files, drafting documents, attending to clerical tasks, and providing practical assistance and administration as needed.  The position includes light accounting and other tasks that prevent the attorney from focusing his full attention on the law practice.  No experience is necessary, but the applicant should be a self-starter, able to think, speak, and write clearly and concisely; possess good people skills for working with clients; and have basic computer skills, including word processing, simple spreadsheets, file management, internet and email, and computer maintenance and updates.  The work schedule is flexible, and can be tailored to match class and personal schedules.  Students with at least two years before graduation are preferred.

salary: $10.00/hr with increases based on proven capability.

Applicants should attach a resume to an email with a paragraph or two explaining their interest in the position, and send it to job@skglaw.com.

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