Some student news

We’ve heard from a few BSPP students about how their summers are going so far.  We need more news, whether from near or afar, about your relaxation or your work!!!

Katie Base reports that her summer has included:

“Working – Finance work for Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle’s reelection campaign.
Traveling – To Jefferson City, MO for a 50th Anniversary Party and to Alaska for a cruise
Reading – Decided to read all the Harry Potter books.
Relaxing – Spending time with housemates, friends and Jack, the dog.”

Nick Wellkamp attended the Truman Scholars retreat in Liberty, Missouri and began working at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on June 1.

Lucile Chneiweiss (who visited us last year from Science Po) writes that “After leaving Georgia Tech, I went to France (big surprise, right?) and found an internship in a French Cooperative Bank registered to the Union of Cooperative Banks in Bruxelles : Crédit Agricole. There I work on European Affairs (topic of my Masters, starting in september), and the coordination of an Intranet interface explaning the consequences of European decisions and integration on French Cooperative Banking. I started with explaining the European elections coming up in June and will continue with a few notes on European Institutions. ….  Speaking of European elections, their coming up has brought a new campaign to France, though not as big as the national ones unfortunately, and Europe is once again stirred with the uproars of the political debate (then again, kept to a minimum unfortunately). The almost complete indifference of public opinion and terribly bad faith of journalists notwithstanding, this time of campaign is once again extremely exciting. I go to political meetings, read news and polls with delicious anxiety. We will know after June 7th (Europeans vote some day between the 4th in Netherlands and the 7th in France) if our efforts were not completely vain.
My internship only started this week, so during the time that I was not working, I decided to travel. I went to Moscow for 5 days. Moscow was amazing. It was the first time I traveled so far east (having traveled to North and South America but never Eastern Europe). I found Moscow beautiful, very surprising in a lot of ways, modern, clean, big spaces, beautiful Orthodox Churches, very sparkling golden roofs. It had also an amazing night-life. “Moscow never sleeps”.


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