Pre Law Fraternity Info Session Today!

Tuesday, September 8th at 7:30 in DM Smith rm. 105

Interested in law?
The Georgia Tech chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Pre Law Fraternity is now looking for members. The goal of Phi AlphaDelta is simply to give students more information about pursuing a career related to law.What We Offer:
1. Guest speakers to talk about different fields of law including Patent Law, Corporate Law, Prosecution and Defense, and many others.
2. Information on law school including LSAT practice tests, LSAT prep discounts, and information from law school admissions.
3. Networking with local lawyers.
4. Involvement with law-related activities such as meeting with law schools’ admissions committees and volunteering at local courthouses.

Phi Alpha Delta is a professional fraternity with the goal of giving students as much information as possible about law school and legal careers. Involvement would be occasional mettings (usually bi-weekly) to organize our special events.

Feel free to email any of us for more information:
Alice Wang                     President           
Patrick Kelley                 Treasurer            


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