Roosevelt Institution Policy Meeting

GT Roosevelt is a non-partisan student organization focused on the analysis, discussion, and creation of policy, both domestic and foreign. We are a relatively new group on campus and are in the process of recruiting students from various schools on campus.
GT-RI has meetings on Thursdays bi-weekly.  Their first meeting will be on Thursday September 17th at 6:30 in the Spring Room of the Student Center. This meeting will be a guided discussion about finding technology-based solutions for developing America's health care system.  Future workshops and meetings will focus on a variety of other issues.
For more information about the Roosevelt Institution, visit the national organization's website to learn about the RI's mission, its chapters (at nearly 100 colleges and universities), and its national policy centers in Health CareEconomic DevelopmentEnergy & EnvironmentDefense & DiplomacyEqual Justice, and Education.
Students have everything it takes to be a think tank. The Roosevelt Institution provides two levels of organizational infrastructure to make college students successful participants in the policy process.

On a university campus, students gather to discuss and write on policy issues. These students are the nucleus of a Roosevelt chapter. These chapters gather interested students, recruit faculty and expert advisors, build student networks, and track influential outlets within that issue area. They guide the selection of pertinent research topics, and work to find an appropriate audience for the chapter’s work. The chapter may start a publication, a specialized journal, or meet with a staff member in a state or federal policymaker’s office. Roosevelt encourages its student members to make their class work more relevant to real-world policy and to undertake extracurricular research projects that make use of the resources available to them on campus.

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