Legal Internship at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech’s Office of Legal Affairs will sponsor an internship for
one student in the Spring 2010 semester. This is a great opportunity to
work on real legal matters under the supervision of Georgia Tech’s

The application deadline is November 6. The internship objectives and
the application process are explained in detail below.

Georgia Tech Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)
Internship for Credit

A. Application Process

(1)     One (1) internship position for the Spring 2010 semester is
available in OLA.  Students who wish to apply for an OLA internship
should email their cover letter and resume to Attorney Yolonda Cameron
<> by 5:00 pm, November 6, 2009.  Please
note:  No cover letters and resumes will be accepted after the deadline
listed above. Incomplete application packages will not be accepted.

(2)    In your cover letter, indicate: why you are interested in the
position; any prior exposure to legal subject matter (coursework, jobs,
pre-law activities, etc.); and any areas of law that are of particular
interest to you.

(3)    One (1) Letter of Recommendation from a Georgia Tech Professor
who is familiar with your work must be submitted in support of your
application. The letter of recommendation should address your ability to
analyze and apply information and to communicate effectively, with an
emphasis on your reading comprehension and writing skills.  The
professor also must be willing to talk with OLA about your
qualifications for the OLA internship. The letter of recommendation
should be sent by U.S. postal service directly by your recommender to:
Georgia Institute of Technology, Office of Legal Affairs, 400 Tenth
Street, Suite 282, Atlanta, GA 30332-0495, Attn: Yolonda Cameron. The
letter of recommendation must be postmarked not later than
November 6, 2009.

(4)     A member of the OLA will contact you if they wish to invite you
for an interview. Interviews will be conducted between November 16 and
November 20, 2009, if possible, and you will be notified by OLA soon
thereafter about whether they will offer you an internship position. If
you are selected for the internship, you will register for it during
Phase II registration.

B. Internship Pre-requisites

(1)    Students who have taken the one-credit Public Policy course PUBP
4811 Special Topics: Legal Research and Writing or who have taken PUBP
3610 Pre-Law Seminar may apply for the OLA internship positions. If you
believe you have equivalent legal research and writing coursework or
experience, you may apply for the OLA internship if you include a
separate sheet entitled “Request for Waiver of Prerequisite” in which
you describe this coursework or experience.

(2)    Only students classified as juniors or above during the semester
in which they desire to intern may apply for the OLA internship positions.

C. Registration and Internship Requirements

(1)    If you are invited to intern with OLA, Prof. Pikowsky or a Public
Policy faculty or staff member designated by Prof. Pikowsky will contact
you to make registration arrangements.

(2)    If you intern during the fall or spring semester, you will work
at OLA for a total of 180 hours (12 hours per week for 15 weeks).  You
will work under the supervision of an OLA attorney who is designated as
your Supervising Attorney for the internship.

(3)    At the conclusion of the internship, you will submit to Prof.
Pikowsky or a Public Policy faculty or staff member designated by Prof.
Pikowsky a short paper (5-8 pages) explaining how you have attained the
learning objectives set forth under E., below, with a cover sheet signed
by your Supervising Attorney indicating that no confidential material is
included in the paper.

(4)     At the conclusion of the internship, your Supervising Attorney
will sign and submit to Prof. Pikowsky or a Public Policy faculty or
staff member designated by Prof. Pikowsky a form stating the hours you
have worked and whether you attained the learning objectives set forth
under E., below.  The Supervising Attorney will also include an evaluation of your work and a recommended letter grade. The Final Evaluation (80%) together with Prof. Pikowsky’s evaluation (or the evaluation of a Public Policy faculty or staff member designated by Prof. Pikowsky) of your short paper (20%) will serve as the basis for your grade for the internship.

D. OLA Internship Guidelines

(1)     Students should expect the OLA internship to be a realistic work
experience within a legal office setting.  Students will be expected to
provide their Supervising Attorney with written weekly activity and time
reports (format to be provided).  Students may dress as they normally
would for class.  However, they should be cognizant that they are
working in an office setting and dress accordingly.

(2)     Generally, students should expect to handle 10-15 files (or
more). Due to the revolving nature and pace of OLA’s practice, some
files may require only a little time and/or negotiation to resolve,
while others may require much more time and negotiation.  For several
semesters, students have also worked on an ongoing assignment that will
ultimately result in a definitive negotiation sourcebook for
Nondisclosure Agreements. However, this project will eventually be
completed. In addition, students may perform legal research and writing
or other tasks as assigned by the Supervising Attorney.

(3)    Students should try to limit the number of credit hours taken and
keep their schedules flexible during the semester in which they will
intern due to the substantial number of hours required for the
internship and the need for interns to meet the workflow demands of a
professional legal practice. Students will sometimes need to work
outside of their scheduled work hours on assignments. For instance,
they may need to do research or follow up via e-mail with a client or
company contact person. Students should also expect to work more hours
than the projected number of scheduled weekly hours in the OLA office on
some occasions. Thus, OLA recommends that a student take no more than
fifteen (15) credit hours, including the internship hours, during the
semester of the internship. Before applying for an OLA internship
position, students should carefully consider their anticipated course
load and extracurricular obligations to determine whether the OLA
internship would be a manageable endeavor.

(4)   The OLA internship permits the student to experience a working
legal office. Thus, students will be expected to be punctual,
detail-oriented, and flexible, to take independent action and think
critically, and to be able to multi-task and prioritize matters. These
attributes are essential in order to succeed in the internship.

(5)   Students will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in
which students agree to maintain the confidential nature of records and
information to which they have access.  Students will also be asked to
sign a release form in which they permit OLA to release their personally
identifiable information as contained in writings or other tangible
items the students or OLA may generate.

E. Learning Objectives

(1)     Substantive law: Gain a basic understanding of a transactional
law practice, and gain some exposure to one or more of the specific
following areas of law: intellectual property, immigration, performing
artist agreements, research contracting, procurement/Uniform Commercial
Code issues, employment discrimination, or other relevant areas of law.

(2)     Legal research: Develop a basic understanding of the range of
legal research materials used in the practice, and gain some experience
in conducting legal research.

(3)     Legal drafting: Develop basic skills in reading and analyzing a
range of legal documents, and gain some experience in drafting legal
documents under the direction of an attorney.

(4)     Legal problem-solving: Gain a basic understanding of the
management of at least two legal files, and gain some exposure to at
least two additional files. Interns are expected to understand and be
able to articulate the rationales for legal decisions made in handling
those files.


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