Prof. Clark wins!

Jennifer Clark, an assistant professor in the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy, has been awarded the 2009 Regional Studies Association Best Book Award for her book Remaking Regional Economies (co-authored with Susan Christopherson).

One reviewer wrote: “this book makes a highly significant contribution to the literatures on corporate strategy, labour markets and regional development, offering an oftentimes withering critique of prevailing orthodoxies. The book is about ‘how the political-economic power of transnational firms shapes regions and regional competition,'” looking at the full range of corporate and institutional actors that constitute a regional economy.  Another reviewer wrote that “It is a call for new thinking – well crafted and provocative and well supported by empirical research. It has the potential to be a turning point in new regionalist thinking and urgently needed policy development.”

The book is based in part on case studies of the optics and imaging industry of Rochester NY and the film and television industry of Los Angeles.


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