Spring Registration-PLEASE READ

Please Read this entire post for Important Registration Information!

Registration is about to begin!  Don’t get scared-  I have put together just about everything you need to get you through the process started.

Important Dates:

  • Spring schedule of classes available: October 21   Detailed class listings for Spring 2010 on OSCAR (https://oscar.gatech.edu/) (I am also making every effort to post all course descriptions on blog within the week in our program)
  • Phase I Registration for Spring:  October 28-November 10
  • Phase II Registration for Spring:  January 6-January 15
  • Classes begin January 11th

keep reading rest of announcement!….Your time ticket tells you exactly when you are allowed to register.  Please pay attention to the ending date and time on your time ticket!  Time tickets should be available October 23nd .

Registration Tools:

Overloads and Permits for many Tech courses:  https://oscar.gatech.edu/

Courses and OSCAR login:  https://oscar.gatech.edu/

Internship Database:  http://www.advising.iac.gatech.edu (remember this requires some extra paperwork so allot proper time)

Advising Appointments:

Advising is mandatory for all FRESHMAN, NEW TRANSFERS, AND STUDENTS ON PROBATION. All PUBP students though are of course able to meet with me for advisement. You can schedule an advising appointment using the on-line scheduler, www.advising.gatech.edu .   PLEASE BRING YOUR CHECKLIST UPDATED TO THE MEETING or it may cause us to reschedule. Extra copies are always online at www.advising.iac.gatech.edu.    Please keep your appointment or cancel with 24 hours notice so that other students have opportunity to make an appointment at that time. If you miss your appointment without canceling you cannot reschedule for following day. Must be 48 hours after missed appointment.

Permits and Overloads

To request an overload for a PUBP/PST/POL course simply fill out the online form at http://www.spp.gatech.edu. An icon is located on main page.

To see how to request permits and overloads in other departments, please see the following website: http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/registration/oprequest.php. Remember that if you need a course that is full before your registration time opens, don’t wait to request an overload!  The sooner the better.  Permits mean special permission and usually lists who to get them from, if not, always contact the instructor listed for assistance or the advisor associated with the course’s department.


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