Spring 2010 Course Descriptions – New Courses Added

Two new courses have been added to this list:  PUBP 4211 (Urban Policy) and PUBP 4803SG (Special Topic: Sustainbility: Strategy and Analytics).  Possibly more changes to come!

For complete course descriptions click here:  Spring 2010 Course descriptions

POL 1101DM – Government of the U.S.                                                        Matisoff

POL 1101JM – Government of the U.S.                                                         Melkers

PUBP  2012 – Foundations of Public Policy                                                 Leggon

PST 2020  – Philosophical Analysis for Policy Choices (core)                  Hoffmann

PUBP  2030 – Organizations and Policy (core)                                           Fox

PUBP  3020 – Applied Political Economy (core)                                         Knox-Hayes

PUBP 3030  – Policy Analysis (core)                                                             Noonan

PST 3103 – Modern Philosophy                                                                      Biddle

PUBP 3130 – Research Methods and Problem Solving (core)                  Levine

PUBP 3600 – Sustainability, Technology and Policy                                  Norton

PUBP 3610  – Pre-law Seminar                                                                        Pikowsky

PST 4174 – Perspectives in Science and Technology                                  Biddle

PST 3105 – Ethical Theories                                                                            Borenstein

PST 3109 – Ethics and Technical Professions                                              Borenstein

PST  3109RR – Ethics and Technical Professions                                        Rosenberger

PST  3127 – Science, Technology and Human Values                                 Klein

PST 3127RB – Science, Technology, & Human Values                               Berry

PUBP 4211 – Urban Policy                                                                                Etienne

PUBP 4600 – Senior Seminar/Thesis (core)                                                Kingsley

PUBP 4609 – Legal Practice                                                                            Attorney

PUBP 4803SC – Special Topic: Science and Technology, Innovation, and Development                                                                                                                                                                    Cozzens

PUBP 4803RB – Special Topic: Science, Technology and Regulation         Barke

PUBP 4803JR – Special Topic: Information Policy and Management         Rogers

PUBP 4803WS – Special Topic: Survey of Telecommunications Law          Sapronov

PUBP 4803AL – Special Topic: Stem Cell Science, Ethics, and Policy          Levine

PUBP 4803 – Special Topic: Negotiating Sustainability                                  Knox-Hayes

PUBP 4803 – Special Topic:  Sustainbility: Strategy and Analytics               Graff


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