Additional Options for 6 hr Requirement

I will continue to post throughout registration any new courses approved for this requirement (6 hours of required Science, Computing, Engineering) so I suggest checking often.

Courses with HP = Restricted to Honors Program Students.   Note, many HP courses allow non-Honors students to register in phase II — so it does not hurt to ask.

ME 3141 HP  Cutting-Edge Technologies     David Ku   TR 4:30-6
Capacity: 12 HP students (XL)

EAS 2803 HP  A Balance of Power: Energy, Environment & Society  Kim
Cobb    TR 3-4:30
Capacity: 20 HP students (XL)

CHEM 2803 HP  Chemistry of the Origin of Life and Early Evolution
Nick Hud   TR 1:30-3
Capacity: 20 HP students

ISYE 4833 HP  Duality: An Interdisciplinary Exploration   Craig Tovey
TR  3-4:30
Capacity: 20 HP students

EAS 2803 – KC  Energy, the Environment & Society


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