BSPP coreqs and prereqs: urgent

Students, there seems to be some remaining confusion about prerequisites and corequisites for the BSPP core. Here’s what you need to know.

For PUBP 2010, PUBP 2030, and PST 2020: You need POL 1101 or equivalent (usually either AP credit or INTA 1200) as a PRErequisite

For PUBP 3020 (Applied Political Economy) and PUBP 3030 (Policy Analysis): In the future we will require as prerequisites all of the following: PUBP 2010, PUBP 2030, PST 2020, and ECON 2106. HOWEVER, because of the transition to the new core curriculum and our desire to give everyone the opportunity to stay on track for graduation, for Spring 2010 ONLY you may take PST 2020 as a COrequisite. (If you’ve been here for a while and already had PST 2068, you should not take PST 2020; PST 2068 will substitute for the pre/corequisite for PUBP 3020 and 3030.)

— However, because of the way the computer registration system works, we will need to issue an individual permit to PUBP 3020 or PUBP 3030 if you’re using the PST course as a co-requisite. Send a request for a permit through the SPP Overload Request system on our webpage, but also send an email to barke (with your 9xxxxxxxx number) so we can expedite the permit.

For PUBP 4600 (Senior Seminar): You should be in your final two semesters under the old curriculum system! You should have as pre- or co-requisites all of your other core courses under the prior system, including Research Methods (PUBP 3110 under the old system, 3130 under the new system) and Statistics (PUBP 4113). Those under the new system will not take PUBP 4600 (instead, you’ll take PUBP 4010 and PUBP 4020 in your final year).

And remember that a grade of C or better is required in all BSPP core courses!

In short, for those of you in the new curriculum, below is the general plan. Again, the only exception is that for students taking PUBP 3020 and/or PUBP 3030 in Spring 2010 ONLY, PST 2068 will count as a prereq or PUBP 2020 will count as a corequisite.

PUBP 2010 Political Processes* PUBP 3020 Applied Political Economy

PUBP 3030 Policy Analysis

PUBP 4010 Policy Task Force I

PUBP 4020 Policy Task Force II

PST 2020 Philosophical Analysis of Policy Choices
PUBP 2030 Organizations & Policy
ECON 2106 Microeconomics
PUBP 3120 Statistics

PUBP 3130 Research Methods

PUBP 2651 / 4651 Policy Internship

• *POL 1101 or equivalent is prerequisite for Political Process

• All 2xxx core courses are prerequisites for Policy Analysis and Applied Political Economy

• Policy Task Force has Policy Analysis, Applied Political Economy, Statistics, and Research Methods as prerequisites


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