Climate Negotiations: On the Path to Copenhagen

Good afternoon enthusiastic SPP blog readers.  I am Janelle Knox-Hayes, a new assistant professor in the school of public policy.  My research is concerned with the public and private governance of climate change.  To encourage the development of this research the Ivan Allan College has graciously given me the opportunity to participate in the upcoming climate change meeting in Copenhagen as a representative of Georgia Tech.  As part of the event I plan to share my experiences there with all of you through this blog, and to follow up the negotiations with a class on sustainability next term (PUBP 8803: Negotiating Sustainability: Deconstructing power, privilege and ownership).  Climate enthusiasts are most welcome.

In a few days world leaders, environmental activists, business elites, academics and other observers will gather in Copenhagen to debate the future of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  The Conference of Parties (COP) takes place every year, but COP 15, which will take place from December 7th until December 18th is highly anticipated as it is intended to be the determining negotiation for a post-Kyoto agreement.   The first phase of the Kyoto Protocol–a legally binding agreement which governs global carbon emissions—will expire in 2012.  In order to allow governments enough time to prepare for implementation of a framework into place beyond the first phase, an ambitious new deal needs to be agreed this year.   As a result the meeting is expected to draw in over 10,000 participants.  The scale of the event as well as the multiplicity of stakeholders is difficult to describe, but I will try my best as I follow the negotiations starting next week with this live blog from Copenhagen.   Cheers,  Janelle Knox-Hayes


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