Side Events and Free Cycles: On the Path to Copenhagen

I am leaving for Copenhagen in a few minutes but wanted to take a moment for one last post before I depart.  To accommodate a multitude of demands and activities housed under the rubric of ‘climate negotiations,’ numerous events and meetings are hosted simultaneously. In addition to the formal negotiation meetings, side events and exhibits are hosted in the conference space. The sheer scale of participation makes it difficult to imagine how any agreement can be achieved. However, the meetings are about more than a climate agreement. They also bring together a wide range of policymakers, scientists, and activists for valuable discussion, serve as a melting pot of ideas, and function as something of training camp. The cultural experience and exchange of is part of the allure for participants as well.

There are serveral exciting extracurricular events that I am looking forward to.  In particular There will be an environmental film festival with several new hot blockbusters and beloved classics like ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’. I will try to catch one or two of these and share a review with you. In addition, you can view some of the events posted by attendees yourself from

Copenhagen is setting another new precedent: free bicycle rentals—lock, lights and helmet included! I am ready to start pedaling. More soon…Cheers, Janelle Knox-Hayes


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