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Contest: Where Do You Learn Best?

Herman Miller, a leading designer and manufacturer of office and learning environments, announces its first student video contest titled, “Hey, Where Do You Learn Best?”. The contest is designed to encourage full-time students attending 2-or 4-year U.S.-based colleges or universities to share where they learn best (on or off campus) and why that place best supports their learning.

They hope this contest and its results will be of great interest to campus leadership, as well as faculty and students. Video responses will shed new insight into the rapidly changing needs of students and how higher education facilities can effectively respond to those needs.

Full details of the contest are available online and from their Facebook page.

Entries will be accepted until March 26, 2010. The entries that best represent creativity, originality, and appropriateness to the theme will receive a first prize $2500 Visa gift card, a second prize $1500 Visa gift card, and a third prize $1000 Visa gift card.


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CBO Director Seminar

Dr. Douglas Elmendorf, CBO Director, will be presenting a seminar on the U.S. Budget and Economic Outlook at Morehouse College on Wednesday, February 3, 2010.  Morehouse College has generously opened this seminar to all students and faculty in the state of Georgia.  Dr. Elmendorf will also be answering questions at the end.

It will be held at 4:00 p.m. at the Executive Conference Center of the Leadership Center.  The Morehouse general address is 830 Westview Dr. SW.

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Sophomores take note!

Are you a second year at Georgia Tech?

If so, you have the chance to be MADE into a successful sophomore at this year’s Sophomore Summit!

The Super Sweet Sophomore Summit is a retreat for a diverse group of sophomores taking place February 26-27th.  At the Summit, you will have the chance to network, set personal goals, discuss campus and sophomore issues, and meet other sophomores wanting to make a difference on campus! Will you be on the next episode of True Life: I’m Going to Sophomore Summit?

For more information on the Summit and to apply, please visit
Applications are available now and are due February 3rd.

Brought to you by the Office of Success Programs and the SGA Sophomore Class Representatives.

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Summer Jobs with the National Park Service


see below…. Continue reading

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Human Rights Fellowship Opportunity in Europe and the United States

The deadline for applications to Humanity in Action’s 2010 summer fellowship programs is fast approaching—January 23.

HIA invites applications from college students (current sophomores, juniors, and seniors) and recent graduates (classes of 2008 and 2009) who are intellectually gifted, mature, independent, of diverse backgrounds, and passionate about human rights and social justice.

The HIA summer fellowship programs bring together international groups of Fellows to study minority rights and human rights doctrines in democratic societies. Separate programs will take place for five weeks in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Lyon, New York, and Warsaw.  Intensive and demanding, the HIA fellowship features daily lectures and discussions with renowned academics, journalists, politicians, and activists, as well as a significant number of site visits to government agencies, non-profit and community organizations, museums, and memorials. The programs require a great deal of intellectual curiosity and stamina, as well as the ability to work effectively in international teams.

After the summer programs, Fellows are expected to participate in HIA’s international network of alumni and to sustain their engagement in the human rights issues addressed during the HIA fellowship. There are also a number of professional fellowship opportunities available for HIA alumni—such as internship programs run by HIA in the U.S. Congress, European Parliament, and community organizations in San Francisco. HIA Fellows are also frequently selected for further post-graduate fellowships, with large numbers of Marshall, Mitchell, Fulbright, Watson and Presidential Management Fellows among HIA alumni.

Students of all majors and academic disciplines are encouraged to apply. Full application materials are available at:

If you have any further questions, contact their staff at

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Congratulations to December Graduates!

The School of Public Policy congratulates our December 2009 graduates:

Katie Base

Patricia King

Andrew Rodrigues

Nick Wellkamp

Best wishes for the future, wherever it may take you.  We’re proud of you all, we’ll miss you, and we expect you to stay in touch!

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A bit of pessimism from Copenhagen

As dawn breaks on the last day, it’s very hard to be optimistic about the outcome, either here today (taken loosely – important climate meetings notoriously run over schedule) or in the coming months and years. The big countries are plainly negotiating as if their primary objective is to protect their national economies, rather than to protect the planet and the vulnerable people, species and ecosystems that live on it. This even though it’s well known by now – including by the governments here negotiating –  that in the long run, climate change will undermine economic prosperity and possibly even economic survival.

The symbolism has been unfortunate, as civil society members like myself have gradually been restricted more and more from the physical facilities of the convention and the political processes going on inside (to say nothing of the arrests and beatings that have been widely reported and filmed). Yes, we can watch certain parts on the web, the speeches anyway. But it’s plain – and, ultimately, unsurprising – that we can have little influence in the span of days or weeks. If we’re going to make a difference, it’s through patient organizing over months and years, organizing that has done much to change the public consciousness, but not yet enough to overcome the inertia and active resistance to the necessary transformation.

And indeed, a big transformation is clearly needed. As I have said a hundred times in the last few years, if you can’t tell that it’s already too warm, you’re not paying attention. Debating whether we’re going try to limit climate change to two degrees Celsius, or accept a three or four degree increase, is not unlike debating whether you’ll wait till after lunch or after dinner to call the fire department, when your house is burning at 9 a.m. If it were in fact free to stop all greenhouse gas emissions, we would do so immediately. But it’s not, so we keep quarreling about who should do what, so that we can all avoid having to do anything.

It is safe to say that in the US, we’ll continue to be told that the problem is that the “emerging economies” are the problem, that it’s because China and India won’t do their parts that we’re not making progress. The obvious fact that the country with a quarter of the world’s pollution, a quarter of the world’s wealth but only a twentieth of the world’s population really does have a unique obligation, will probably go missing in the debate. Hopefully we’ll be able to get past this before it’s too late. Meanwhile, I sit in my hotel room, nothing to do but write, mere miles from the conference center, but very, very far from where I, and we, need to be.

Paul Baer

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