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Think and Drink Event-Roosevelt Institute

Hello I’m the Chapter Head at GT Roosevelt Institution and I’m very pleased to announce that we’re organizing the “Think and Drink” Event as our first campus wide event at Georgia Tech. Policy affects all spheres of careers that most of us will go on to pursue – especially law, business and government professions.

I think this will be a great opportunity for like minded students to network and share their own ideas with each other. Here’s a short description of what the event is about:

Wait, What’s that About?

The Roosevelt Institution @ Georgia Tech invites you to come to this open forum event and engage in a lively yet informative discussion on relevant public policy issues. To ensure a centered discussion takes
place, facts on these issues will be provided and the discussion will be loosely moderated. Come prepared with own research or studies to back your claims, gloves will come off. Voice your opinion and learn from others.

A brief video or presentation introduction to these topics will be given to jumpstart the discussion.

Topics of interest include:
Health Care
Gas Prices
Legalization of drugs

When? Thursday, April 17th 2008 at 8pm
Where? IC 107
Don’t miss out on this stimulating exchange of public policy ideas and beverages!

Shikha Choudhury
Community Advisor – North Avenue Apartments
President – GT Roosevelt Institution
Georgia Institute of Technology


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